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Picture this scenario. You finish up with work on a December day here in Vero Beach when it didn’t get above 55 degrees. Nighttime temperatures are expected to drop down into the 30s. You drive home, walk into your house, and it’s … cold. Very cold. Unusually so.

Sure, it’s an unseasonably cold day outside, but shouldn’t the heater have kicked in on a day like today?

You check your thermostat, change the settings, wait for the heat to come on, but nothing happens. You dig through your closet for some warm clothes.

The sun has set, the temperatures keep dropping, and your house gets colder and colder. Even your windows are starting to get a little frosty. No matter what you try, you can’t get the heater to turn on.

What do you do?

It’s Not Far-Fetched At All!

Our temperatures during the winter months can be all over the place, and it’s not that far-fetched to have a scenario like what we’ve just described above taking place in Vero Beach, FL.

We’ve actually had to help clients get their heating system to work on cold days in winter!

That’s because our temperatures can swing significantly during this time period, sometimes catching residents unprepared.

Take a look at these temperatures as examples of what we go through here in Vero Beach between November and February:

  • On November 26, 1950, temperatures dropped down to 33 degrees F
  • On Christmas Eve in 1989, the low reached 23 degrees F
  • In 2010, it dropped to 26 degrees F on December 14
  • The coldest temperature recorded in the last 70 years is 21 degrees on January 22, 1985
  • More recently, it dipped down to a chilly 30 degrees on February 20, 2015

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Have Your Heating System Checked

If your heater is not set up correctly when these cold spells hit, you might even have to seek refuge in a heated motel! To avoid this scenario, make sure a qualified HVAC technician services your heating system well before winter arrives.

Immaculate Air serves Vero Beach and the entire Treasure Coast region through affordable heating solutions. We’ll be happy to test and tune your heating system to get it ready for winter.

We ask homeowners in the region that you please don’t neglect or overlook your heating system! We don’t want you to have issues when cold spells hit our region. Make sure your system is in working order well before winter; a great time to check your heater (and schedule service, if needed) is October.

For All Your Heating And Cooling Needs

We can fix and maintain your HVAC system to ensure your heating and cooling needs are properly met! Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • HVAC inspections to make sure everything’s working correctly and efficiently
  • Air conditioning repair services to keep everyone comfortable indoors year-round
  • Repairs, maintenance, and installation of heating systems suitable for our region
  • Air conditioning installation services when you need a new system
  • UV light installation to enhance your indoor air quality
  • And much more!

For prompt, courteous, and professional assistance with your heating and cooling system, contact Immaculate Air today.