1. Moon with plants in the foreground in Florida.

    Why Florida Homeowners Shouldn’t Neglect Their Heating

    Picture this scenario. You finish up with work on a December day here in Vero Beach when it didn’t get above 55 degrees. Nighttime temperatures are expected to drop down into the 30s. You drive home, walk into your house, and it’s … cold. Very cold. Unusually so. Sure, it’s an unseasonably c…Read More

  2. Sign at a business that reads We're Air Conditioned For Your Comfort.

    Don’t Buy Into These 5 Myths About Air Conditioner Repair

    Here in Vero Beach, Florida, an air conditioner in good working order is a necessity. Our days are hot, and our nights usually are, too, making reliable AC equipment a must at home and at work. There are some myths floating around about air conditioner repair that we’d like to dispel today. Our go…Read More

  3. Birds swimming in pond in Vero Beach, Florida.

    The Dangers of Having a Broken HVAC System In Florida

    The Health Of Everyone In Your Home Can Be Affected We don’t have to tell you that Florida can get really hot! Even here in Vero Beach where we benefit from ocean breezes, daytime (and even nighttime) temperatures can be extremely uncomfortable when the air conditioner is malfunctioning. Not only …Read More

  4. air vent

    3 Easy Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home

    How much do you know about the indoor air quality of your home? If you’re like most other homeowners, it’s probably something you don’t think about all that much. But in reality, indoor air quality affects our daily lives in an impactful way, and though you may not realize it, there may be sev…Read More